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“I am so happy with Unique Orthodontics. They are always friendly and very accommodating with myself and two sons. All three of us were in braces at the same time and our appointments were always scheduled together. So that we didn’t have to feel like we lived at their office. The care we received has been spectacular. Love you all.”

Lisa B.

“I really enjoyed my experience with Unique Orthodontics. The staff was really friendly and helpful. They were willing to answer my questions and explain things to me in detail. I love the results of my braces! Thank you for doing an excellent job!”

Ashley G.

“Throughout my whole 2 years coming to Unique Orthodontics I have been greeted and assisted with the best staff. They are very nice and I had never had to wait more than 5 minutes to be attended. I am super happy of the outcome. I have a perfect smile thanks to you guys. Thank You!”

Edith R.

“I honestly love Unique Orthodontics! The workers and doctors are very social and they make you smile, laugh as they joke around with you. When I’m at Unique Orthodontics, I feel welcomed at home. Love you Unique!”

Ashley G.

“My life with braces has been totally awesome, because at the orthodontics they are extremely nice and caring. Also having braces is not scary, it’s actually fun, it’s not painful at all. Putting braces was a really fast process and the most exciting part of getting braces is one, choosing the colors that go on your brackets each month and secondly, is when you are getting them off, then you’ll see that your teeth are really photo ready.”

Precious H.

“Everyone was wonderful – from the front desk to inside the office. Anytime I had an issue they wanted to help make it better! I never expected my smile to be so nice. I had only wanted one tooth to move, but after it started I could hardly wait to see what would happen next. Thank you to the staff and doctor, for a wonderful experience.”

Pamela R.

“My journey here at Unique has been nothing but a pleasant experience. From walking through the door the first day I got my braces on till today, the big day they came off. Such an upbeat staff, I looked forward to every appointment I had. I would recommend this office to anyone looking into getting braces. I wouldn’t choose another place and I’m very pleased with my ending results. Thank you Unique, I got my smile back!”

Isabel Q.

“I have never felt as comfortable at any dentist or orthodontics office as I do at Unique. Not only did I get a new, beautiful smile I also had the convenience of having a stress free experience with Unique Orthodontics!”

Tiffany D.

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At Unique Orthodontics, we believe that the greatest compliment you can give us is to tell your family and friends where you got your new smile! We have had the opportunity to change lives, by enhancing our patients, one-and-only, unique smile. Behind every unique face is a story to share. As you read through these stories we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Every story is worth sharing, please consider sending us yours!

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