When it comes to braces vs. Invisalign®, both are options for people who have misaligned teeth. Both devices work well when they are used properly, but things such as appearance, comfort and ease of use come into play when the orthodontic patient needs to make a choice.

A Closer Look at Braces

The familiar traditional braces are made of metal with brackets, wires and rubber bands that put gentle but constant pressure on the teeth until they are in alignment. This takes anywhere from multiple months to two years. Once braces are installed by the orthodontist, they cannot be taken out by the patient. Many patients, or parents of patients, find this reassuring. Some younger patients don’t mind the look of braces, especially if they have friends or go to school where other kids are wearing them.

However, braces have a few drawbacks. The patient needs to take exceptional care of their dental hygiene because food can get trapped behind the brackets or in the wires. This means they’ll have to give up foods that are sticky or crunchy for as long as they need to wear their braces, which younger patients may resent. They also need to make regular trips to the orthodontist to make sure there are no problems with the braces and that the teeth are coming into alignment the way they should.

Teens and adult patients may think they’re just too old for braces and may seek something less conspicuous to straighten their teeth. This is where Invisalign® comes in.

What About Invisalign®?

Invisalign® also straightens the teeth, but it does so using a series of transparent plastic trays that are custom-made for the patient. The patient wears them as long as regular braces. But what makes Invisalign® attractive to older patients is that they can be taken out for meals or oral hygiene. They are also hard to see once they’re in the patient’s mouth, and the patient doesn’t have to visit their orthodontist as often. This gives Invisalign® an edge for many people.

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