Retainers are removable or fixed dental appliances made up of various materials to help straighten teeth. Unique Orthodontics offers a comfortable type of retainers we craft in house known as essix retainers, which are specifically designed to cover the entire arch of the teeth. This exciting teeth-straightening option can help you regain confidence in your smile.

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Our essix retainers are created within our In-house lab, granting all of our patients a much faster turnaround time so you can start your journey toward a healthier smile. Additionally, we understand that most retainers can often stand out from your teeth, stirring up feelings of self-conscious. Our essix retainers are made up of a transparent plastic material, making them much less noticeable than standard wired retainers.


Essix retainers are carefully guided onto the teeth and configured so that the upper and lower sets are even and align with one another. Some people may feel that their retainers are firmly positioned in the mouth, they can move and assume various positions by themselves. Should you experience any discomfort, our team can make corrections accordingly to help you achieve optimal comfort.

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