Has an extensive overbite caused you to feel self-conscious of your smile? Have you felt discomfort when it comes time to eat? Unique Orthodontics offers the advanced Forsus™ appliance to correct the lower jaw and help your smile shine bigger and brighter than ever.

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Forsus is a cutting-edge dental appliance that can correct an extensive overbite that may stir up feelings of self-conscious or discomfort in terms of function. It is attached to existing braces and works by moving the upper jaw slightly backward and brings the lower jaw forward to establish a healthier bite. If you or your child are struggling with an extensive overbite, the Forsus is an exciting option you can consider. Our team can help you decide whether this appliance may be right for your smile during your consultation.


The Forsus appliance is designed with a spring module that our providers attach to the upper molar bands of the braces. Following installation, the jaws and teeth may be slightly tender during the first few days. However, patients may take any over the counter pain alleviators for greater relief. The duration of how long your Forsus treatment may take will depend on the severity of the overbite.

Learn more about the Forsus appliance and how it can help improve you or your child’s smile by contacting us today and scheduling your consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!