When a habit is formed, it can be hard to break. Many people, especially children struggle with such habits that can affect dental health such as sucking on a finger or thrusting the tongue. Unique Orthodontics can help prevent these habits from affecting your smile with specialized habit appliances.

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A habit appliance is a metallic gate that is carefully inserted behind the front teeth on the upper gums. It is configured into the mouth through two braces placed on the upper molars. By preventing the execution of a certain habit, this appliance prevents the upper and lower teeth from pushing towards an abnormal position. The main goal of a habit appliance is to not only break such a habit that affects the positioning of the teeth but to prevent an open bite or protruding teeth.


Children and adults with a habit appliance usually discontinue with finger-sucking and tongue-thrusting within a few days. However, more severe habits can take some time– as long as a few months– to break. Once both you and our provider are confident that the habit has been discontinued, the appliance is carefully removed.

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