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While braces may get you to the straightened smile you once wished for, a retainer is what you need to keep it. A retainer is vital to maintaining your new alignment as your teeth continue to shift throughout your life.

With over a century of existence, the Hawley retainer still leads the way when it comes to keeping your improvements after braces.

The Origin of the Hawley Retainer

The Hawley retainer was the first-ever removable retainer created in 1919 by American orthodontist Dr. Charles A. Hawley. It was designed to fit comfortably within the mouth while a wire wraps around the teeth and secures them into their new position.

Most patients will have braces for 18 to 24 months, and the last thing an orthodontist wants to see is your teeth moving back into their incorrect positions after all of your dedication! That’s why the Hawley retainer has been an orthodontist favorite for over ten decades.

How It Works

The Hawley retainer consists of two main parts: a hard acrylic plate and metal wires. The plate fits either on the roof of your mouth or under your tongue, while the connected metal wires wrap around your teeth.

As the wires wrap around your teeth, they implement the pressure needed to keep your teeth in their new, corrected positions. Many individuals will have both a top and bottom Hawley retainer for use at the same time.

Your orthodontist at Unique Orthodontics or Dr. Bayrakdarian, will provide specific directions for how to use your Hawley retainers. Many people will need to use them full-time for the first few months after braces, gradually reducing the wear time until transitioning to ongoing night-time wear.

Tips for Use

When you get your Hawley retainer at Unique Orthodontics, your trusted orthodontist will discuss the proper maintenance of your retainer with you before you take it home. Feel free to ask any and all questions during your appointment, and call us with any other doubts you may have once you leave with your new Hawley retainer.

1. Hawley retainers are easily removable and should be taken out when eating and drinking (except water). These retainers must also be cleaned and stored properly when not in use.
2. You can clean your Hawley retainer by brushing it with a toothbrush and warm water – no toothpaste necessary.
3. Once or twice a month, you can also soak your retainer in baking soda and water. Be sure to store it in its clean, original container, avoiding extreme temperatures.
4. Preserve the results achieved through your previous orthodontic treatment; be sure to use your Hawley retainer consistently and follow your orthodontist’s instructions for use.
5. Avoid bending the wires of your retainer and never force the retainer into place if it doesn’t fit comfortably; speak with your orthodontist about any necessary adjustments.
6. If you experience discomfort or notice signs of damage to your Hawley retainer, call your orthodontic office for a professional fix.

The Benefits

Apart from the obvious benefit of maintaining your new, straightened smile, the Hawley retainer also offers a few other benefits compared to alternative retainer options.
• Removable, making it easier to clean.
• Easily molded to each patient’s mouth.
• One of the most durable and long-lasting retainer options.
• More successful at correcting irregularities than competing Essix retainers.
• Custom-selected plate color for personalization.
• Easy to clean.

Getting Your Hawley Retainer at Unique Orthodontics

At Unique Orthodontics in Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Hanford, Visalia, or Tulare, we offer perfectly fitting Hawley retainer post-braces. When you decide on a Hawley retainer, a specialist will begin by getting an impression of your mouth to start your custom fit.

Using the impression, we meticulously craft the retainer, incorporating high-quality wires and an acrylic base. This combination ensures both durability and a comfortable fit.

Next, the retainer undergoes careful trimming and polishing, guaranteeing a smooth surface for maximum comfort during wear.

Then we conduct a final fitting, making any necessary adjustments to ensure the retainer fits perfectly.

Once you have your retainer in hand, you’ll receive clear care instructions to make sure your retainer – and your new smile – last a lifetime.