Underbites and overbites are among the most common conditions that both children and adults struggle with in terms of their teeth. While not considered a health risk, an overbite or underbite can stir up feelings of self-consciousness towards your smile and may even cause discomfort when eating. Unique Orthodontics offers specialized headgear and face masks for growth guidance to address overbites and help you or your child achieve your desired smile.

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The purpose of traditional headgear and facemasks are to help improve an extensive overbite, a  dental concern that causes the upper teeth to conceal almost all or the entire set of lower teeth. They work by stimulating forward growth of the lower jaw. These forms of overbite correction utilize the top of the head or the upper back of the neck as an anchor for the appliance.

Reverse headgear and face masks, on the other hand, are used to correct an underbite. These appliances work to redirect growth of the upper jaw and establish a more even bite when smiling. We can help determine whether you or your child may be experiencing an underbite through x-ray examination.


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