Many adults are visiting orthodontists to learn if it is possible to repair dental malocclusions. In the past, fewer individuals had access to orthodontic care, leading to having misaligned teeth as an adult. If you missed out on orthodontic treatment as a child or a teenager, then you will be happy to know that there are still options for adult braces.

First, have an examination from an orthodontist to determine if you have minor to severe malocclusions that require treatment. If you have some types of minor to moderate dental misalignments, then it is possible for you to wear clear removable aligners rather than needing to use braces that remain in place. Aligners are made using the X-rays that are collected by our orthodontist along with the molds of your mouth. You will receive up to 30 sets of aligners that are each made in a different way to move your teeth back into the proper positions. This treatment can take six months to two years to complete. During this time, you must wear the devices for most of the day and night, but you can remove the aligners to eat, drink and care for your teeth. You will switch to a new set of aligners every two weeks until your orthodontic treatment ends.

Types of Adult Braces Options

If you need braces instead, then you can choose to wear traditional metal brackets and wires, but you may prefer using ceramic brackets and clear wires that other people can’t see. An orthodontist can also place braces on the backs of your teeth where the items are difficult to see. When you want to reduce your office visits to have the wires tightened on your braces, you can request lingual devices that have self-ligating brackets.

The amount of time required for wearing adult braces varies from two to five years, and you must use caution to avoid breaking the wires. It is essential to consume a nutritious diet, but you must eat softer foods that won’t harm the brackets and wires of your braces. When a bracket is dislodged or if a wire breaks, you must visit our orthodontist right away for a repair.

Our Orthodontist Will Provide a Treatment Plan

Our orthodontist will make a recommendation concerning the type of adult braces that you should wear to help you make a decision. A few sets of the clear plastic aligners are ready right away so that you can begin wearing the devices. Braces are attached to your teeth using the plans created by computer software. If you feel discomfort in your mouth, then you can take pain relievers or you can apply ice packs to your face. To learn more about the options for adult braces, visit Unique Orthodontics in Fresno, the Buchanan Area, Old Town Clovis, Madera, or Tulare. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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