Unfortunately, social media has once again taken another trend to a whole other level. The AAO (American Associates of Orthodontics) is reporting that people from 8 to over 60 years old are attempting to straighten their own teeth. This trend is tragically increasing all over the world. The trend includes using hair rubber bands, paper clips, fish line, even earring backs, dental floss, and super glue. You can also find on-line “how to make retainers” using everyday items. Unique Orthodontics hopes to educate you on how “moving” teeth is a very complex biological process which involves teeth, bone, muscle, and soft tissue.

DIY orthodontic treatment may seem to be easy, quick, and cheap, but the consequences may easily exceed over $20,000 in a lifetime, and in some circumstances the damage is not repairable, even by a professional. The goal of a licensed Orthodontist is to safely create a healthy and beautiful smile that will last a life time. Orthodontists are uniquely qualified specialists with two-to-three additional academic years studying orthodontics at an accredited orthodontic residency program to diagnose, prevent and treat dental and facial irregularities to correctly align teeth and jaws. If you are in need or inquiring about braces and have considered using this trending method or have already made the attempt, please STOP, and come see Dr. Bayrakdarian!

Our team at Unique Orthodontics understands that orthodontic treatment can be expensive for most, especially if you do not have insurance to help with the cost. You may schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Bayrakdarian at no cost and with no obligation. Dr. Bayrakdarian will give you his expert opinion about your problem and options to resolve it, avoiding unintended harm. Our team is great and will work with you to allow customized treatment to fit your budget. YouTube along with other social media outlets are a great source to learn new things like recipes, dances, and crafts but correcting your facial appearance is not one of them! We hope you share this information with friends and family.

Dr. Bayrakdarian and the team of Unique Orthodontics