At Unique Orthodontics, we believe that the greatest compliment you can give us is to tell your family and friends where you got your new smile! We have had the opportunity to change lives, by enhancing our patients, one-and-only, unique smile. Behind every unique face is a story to share. As you read through these stories we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Every story is worth sharing, please consider sending us yours!

by Daisy C on Unique Orthodontics

At first consultation, they were not pushy; they let me contact them when I was ready. They worked with me on my plan for being my 3rd time with braces & now as an adult. (Prior dentist messed up my teeth) Yeay for clear brackets! Every appointment I was greeted with a smile. No long waiting during my afternoon appointments, unlike other Dr offices. I'm finishing my procedure just as told. My teeth looked straight within the first 3 months! Maybe because my teeth are used to the movement already, not sure. My total procedure was 1 year. Would recommend to friends.

by Savanna M on Unique Orthodontics

Unique really gave me the best experience I've ever had. Their are nice to me and my teeth! I love them and highly recommend them. Getting my braces on was a breeze and I was sUnique really gave me the best experience I've ever had. Their are nice to me and my teeth! I love them and highly recommend them. Getting my braces on was a breeze and I was super nervous but unique really took care of me!uper nervous but unique really took care of me!

by Nichole M on Unique Orthodontics

Insanely great customer service! Let's start with the appointment. I look on their website and email for a consultation. I get a call back, and the receptionist is very pleasant and sounds knowledgeable. Then, I go into the office and I am immediately greeted. The receptionist hands me paperwork and asks for my insurance card and id. When she is finished making copies, she walks to where I am sitting hands me my cards back, and compliments my lipstick. Really? It's a small gesture, but a big impact. By taking the time to hand me my cards, rather than call me at the desk again, it shows they truly care about details. The consultation went excellent. Everyone including the x-ray technician were very pleasant.

by Lily S. on Unique Orthodontics

I love them! They're always nice and can tend to your appointment needs. Been with them for almost 2 years and now I have the teeth I've always wanted! Right before thanksgiving too! +free ice cream. I definitely recommend them!

by Jessica A. on Unique Orthodontics

This is our location we come to. Our 9 year old is the one with braces. NOT ENOUGH CAN BE SAID about Dr. B. Basically, He rocks! We had went to several consults before choosing him. The day we went to our consult with him I actually was so sure it was him, she started her braces journey! He has kids and is fantastic with kids. Always has a warm welcome and smile. We've only had one time that she needed to go in to get something fix that broke off and they got her in right away. He has several different locations. For us this is our favorite so we are wanted to stay here. Everyone is pretty friendly. She had a favorite girl "Cathy" but we haven't seen her in a a while. She was AMAZING with my girl. Office is always perfectly clean and well kept which is also a high priority. We've referred countless friends because we are that happy. The waiting room is also very child friendly which is such a plus since we have 3 girls that all come. (iPads, TV, several video games) Everything is very modern and best tech available. That all being said about being very kid friendly, I see many many adults and young adults come in too. My little is actually the youngest I've seen come in. All our other consults actually kept trying to talk me into waiting for my little to start braces. BUT it was pretty important for her to start right away. He was fantastic in listening to that we wanted them right away. It amazed me how fast her teeth started to change. They look amazing already and she's had them on a year. Though after month three they looked great. Ending the same way I started in saying that not enough good can be said about Dr. B. We are so happy. Highly recommend!

by Karla on Unique Orthodontics

Unique orthodontics is awsome. They did a wonderful job. Their customer service is great. I love my smile:)

by Sandra on Unique Orthodontics

Love them! They're always so nice & always greets us with a smile. They work with your schedule for appointments. Always prompt! I definitely recommend them!

by SANDHU DDS INC on Unique Orthodontics

We love how friendly and down to earth the staff is and how helpful and welcoming they are to our patients that we refer to there office.

by Megan Escobedo on Unique Orthodontics

Thank you Unique Orthodontics for the amazing experience of having braces. All of the staff was great, and I would like to the thank Joanna for making my retainers. So, again thank you for the great braces and experiences

by Adora De’Leon on Unique Orthodontics

I just got my braces here today and I am so happy with how everything went and how much info/help I’ve received. This is my first time getting braces at age 20 but I guess I’m looking forward for the end result. The assistant manager was so nice and comforting about everything. The Dr was very nice and cool. The staff was great. Thank you to All for everything.

by Jocelyn Saavedra on Unique Orthodontics

I went in for my appointment to get a second retainer and was not expecting it to receive it for free!! After braces removal, I had to have a Crown put in and that required a second retainer for my top teeth. During my appointment the staff was very friendly and attentive. They made my new impression and after speaking with Robert regarding pricing for new retainer, he waived my fee. Thank you so much Robert & Unique Orthodontics for my retainer... You guys are the best!!