If you live in or near Fresno, CA, then you can find an orthodontist who can examine your teeth to determine if you need braces. There are numerous types of dental malocclusions that are repairable with brackets and wires, including spacing problems such as wide gaps or crowded teeth. When you have dental misalignments, it is not good for your overall health because it makes it difficult to chew food or brush your teeth. With X-rays, our dentist can determine if you have mild, moderate, or major malocclusions that require treatment.

For mild dental misalignments, teenagers and adults can often wear clear removable aligners that apply gentle pressure against the teeth. With this type of orthodontic treatment, you will receive up to 30 sets of aligners, but you will only wear a set of aligners for approximately three weeks. You can remove these aligners while you chew food or brush your teeth, but it is vital to wear the devices for most of the day or night.

However, when you have major dental malocclusions, an orthodontist in Fresno is able to place braces on your teeth. The position of the wires is determined using computer software, and a robot may assist with the placement of the brace’s wires. This leads to a more efficient orthodontic treatment, reducing the amount of treatment time that you need. There are several types of braces available in addition to traditional metal brackets and wires. While these are the most affordable variety of braces, some patients want to have a modern treatment with color-matching brackets and clear wires. These ceramic appliances are popular with teenagers and adults, but you must avoid eating brightly colored foods or beverages to avoid discoloring the brackets.

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After a Fresno, CA orthodontist places braces on your teeth, you will begin to feel pressure, but you can take pain relievers or apply ice packs on your jaw. If the wires or brackets are causing discomfort, then you can use dental wax on your gums or soft tissues to prevent friction. It is normal to have excess saliva in your mouth after the braces are on your teeth, but you can drink water to help with this problem.

You should change your daily diet to softer foods to cope with the pain from the braces, and throughout your treatment time, you must avoid hard or fibrous foods that can damage the brackets or wires. At the same time, you must eat a nutritious diet so that your teeth, alveolar bones and soft oral tissues remain in the best condition.

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