For people who have problems with their bite, the treatment usually involves several types of orthodontics treatment options that are now available. In the case of growing children, the teeth can be guided to improve the tooth alignment if the proper treatment is done before the early teens. Although many options are available, regular orthodontics sometimes will not be able to correct problems dealing with the jaw or teeth in adults. When all else fails, this is when surgical orthodontics treatment may be necessary.

Surgery for correcting the jaw, also known as orthognathic surgery, is the solution for problems that pertain to the skeleton. This means the bite problem is caused by the position or size of the jaws and not the position of the teeth.

Who Needs Surgical Orthodontics Treatment?

Common examples of conditions that may require surgical orthodontics treatment are:

  • The lower and upper teeth don’t touch properly when you close your mouth, called an open bite
  • A lower jaw that protrudes, making the chin and lower lip look too far forward
  • A lower jaw that recedes, making the chin appear less prominent

To successfully correct these problems, your upper and/or your lower jaw may need to be modified. The aim of surgical orthodontics is to give symmetry to the face and improve the functioning of swallowing, chewing, breathing, and speaking.

Jaw surgery is often done together with orthodontic treatment. This collaborative process typically begins with an evaluation involving x-rays and other tests. We will make sure to create a complete treatment plan that is customized for your particular situation.

Surgical orthodontics treatment is usually only considered when other non-surgical methods are not able to correct the problem. Thus, it would generally not be recommended for an insignificant bad bite, but for a serious misalignment of the jaws. You will want to discuss with our specialist the benefits for your individual case and feel free to ask about any aspect you don’t fully understand.

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