Some people have teeth that make them feel self-conscious. Maybe they’re crowded or crooked. This isn’t something you can fix on your own. You take care of your teeth, but feel like it is hopeless if you don’t want them to be seen. You need orthodontic help. Our orthodontist is here for you to help you to take the next step.

You Can Get the Perfect Smile

You might think that a beautiful smile is out of reach. Think again. Our orthodontist has the experience, resources, and skills to transform your smile. It begins with an evaluation of your teeth. Our orthodontist will take a close look at the alignment of your teeth. Medical imagery will provide another piece of the puzzle. Once there is a clear picture of problems with the alignment of your teeth, your treatment plan will be created personally for you.

Orthodontics Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Don’t assume that you are going to have regular braces. While that remains one of the most popular forms of treatment for orthodontic concerns, there are many alternatives that can help you to shift your teeth until you have an attractive smile. You may be able to wear lingual braces. They are mounted behind your teeth. Clear braces that use ceramic brackets are another possibility. Self-ligating braces have brackets that apply tension to the wires so that your teeth will shift more quickly. Clear aligners are molded to fit your teeth and slip on. Our orthodontist will help you to choose the best treatment method for you.

Why Get Orthodontic Treatment?

You can open the door to possibilities when you choose orthodontic treatment. Get more confidence in yourself when your teeth don’t hold you back. Open up in social situations. Dare to put yourself out there for professional opportunities. When you flash your smile, you can light up a room. You will also find that it is easier to have good oral hygiene when your teeth have been shifted into the proper position. Good hygiene will mean healthier teeth.

Talk to Our Orthodontist Today about Your Options

You don’t have to hide or live with your crooked teeth anymore. Our orthodontist is here for you to offer you solutions. You need to take the first step and visit Unique Orthodontics. After your teeth have been thoroughly assessed, our orthodontist will talk to you about treatment options. If you don’t want your teeth to be even more noticeable while you are undergoing treatment, our orthodontist will review all of your discreet alternatives. We are conveniently located in Fresno, Old Town Clovis, the Buchanan Area, Madera, and Tulare. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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