Braces used to be something that teenagers and a few young adults would have applied. It was rare to see an adult walk around with braces. Boy, have things changed. The current generation of individuals in their 40’s are the first group in modern history to embrace clear braces as a way of correcting their teeth in adulthood. Many grew up in a family situation where they either could not afford or did not appreciate the importance of braces. Now that they are adults and they are in a competitive job market, they realize just how important having straight teeth are. Of course, they do not want to risk looking juvenile by wearing metal braces. This is where clear braces come into the picture.

Clear Braces, Far from a New Idea

Products like Invisalign® have brought the idea of clear braces into the spotlight. The truth is that they have been around since the late 1990’s. But it was not until the early 2000’s that the orthodontic community and patients started to embrace the idea.

One of the reasons why clear aligners became so popular has to do with the negative perception people had of metal braces. Anyone who went through their middle school or high school years with braces knows how emotionally and socially difficult braces could make your life become. Negative comments were commonplace for young people who grew up with metal braces.

For some, the stigma attached to wearing metal braces was so great that they would prefer to have crooked teeth than get the needed oral health care for fear of being teased or bullied.

Clear braces allow teenagers and adults alike to improve the look and function of their teeth without the stigma of having a mouth full of metal. Many clear aligners can be removed from your teeth when you need to eat and when you need to brush your teeth or engage in other forms of oral hygiene. Once this is done, they are simply placed back into the mouth and continue to help adjust your teeth.

Long-Term Benefits

If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth and you want to do something to help them, the professionals at Unique Orthodontics may have the answer. Let our medical professionals talk to you about the benefits of clear braces. We can get you the beautiful smile you deserve. We are conveniently located in Fresno, Old Town Clovis, Madera, the Buchanan Area, and our new location, Tulare, CA. Contact us today to schedule your location!

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