The history of orthodontics stems as far back as Ancient Egypt. Using various devices and techniques, orthodontics gradually developed into the sophisticated industry that it is today. Archaeologists have discovered remains of crooked teeth dating back as far as 50,000 years. Mummies in Ancient Egypt have been found with unrefined metal on their teeth, with experts believing that these crude metal bands were made out of catgut, which tied them together and provided the necessary pressure for moving teeth. Thankfully, braces have come a long way since then and even if you opt for traditional braces, they’re much more comfortable and effective. However, there are now innovative alternatives to braces that we offer here at Unique Orthodontics. Here are just three of your many options.


One of the most popular alternatives to traditional braces for adults and teenagers is Invisalign®. The device is a clear plastic tray which is molded to the teeth beforehand. It must be worn for between 20 to 22 hours a day with a new set of trays replacing the old set as teeth gradually shift. For correcting basic cosmetic issues, Invisalign® seems to be the most respected alternative to braces.

Essix Retainers

Similarly to Invisalign®, Essix retainers are removable and made of clear plastic, making them great for those who feel self-conscious about having braces. Here at Unique Orthodontics, we carefully design and make each retainer, so you can rest assured they will be made to measure. Their special design means that they completely cover the whole arch of the wearer’s teeth.

Damon Braces

Another option is Damon braces, similar to traditional braces; they use clear brackets and non-affixed archwires for correcting teeth. This type of set-up allows more fluid to move between the teeth, often causing less discomfort and providing faster results.

Whatever you decide, using braces for straitening teeth is looked at by many as a cosmetic necessity. Make sure to talk to our experts at Unique Orthodontics to learn more about traditional braces and the other options you have. We have offices in Fresno, Tulare, Clovis, and Madera. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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