There are a number of reasons why someone may need oral surgery. Painful jawbones, receding or inflamed gums, missing or infected teeth could all be reasons. Of course, our experienced orthodontic team can help you determine whether or not you may need oral surgery. Some of the most common reasons people visit an oral surgeon are:

  • Sleep apnea — the most common type of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea. Usually, it can be corrected with an oral device. In severe cases, corrective surgery may be needed. A surgeon will need to remove the soft tissue that is blocking the airways while you sleep. This reduces the blood flow to the brain and causes the person to awake from sleep often by choking or gasping. It can happen throughout the night and can cause extreme sleepiness during the day because of the lack of a good night’s sleep.
  • Tooth extraction — generally, removing a tooth doesn’t require an oral surgeon, but there are certain situations where oral surgery is required. Patients who have fear or anxiety about having a tooth extracted may prefer to have it done with sedation. Some patients may have particular health issues that require very careful tooth removal. There are other situations such as a sports injury or severely damaged teeth by a car accident that could require oral surgery to remove them.
  • Jaw repair and realignment — jaw surgery could be necessary for a number of reasons. A surgeon is able to correct a number of problems with the jaw such as a broken jawbone after a facial injury, to correct TMJ disorder and repair jaw misalignment. Whether by birth or by an accident, if your jaw is not in the right position, it can lead to painful side effects. Jaw correction surgery can also lessen symptoms of TMJ disorder such as jaw pain and chronic headaches.
  • Pain due to wisdom teeth — wisdom teeth can cause pain, swelling or infection. If this is the case, the teeth can be surgically extracted.

When you have a consultation with our specialists at Unique Orthodontics, your teeth and jaw will be examined and it can be determined if you need oral surgery. We have offices in Clovis, Fresno, and Madera, with another location in Tulare coming soon. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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