You never realize what you have until you no longer have it, and that statement is never truer than when you suddenly realize that your “bite” no longer feels right. Your bite, or the way your upper and lower teeth connect, can go out of alignment for a few reasons. At Unique Orthodontics, we can help you keep your bite aligned.

Your Teeth Have Moved

Moving adult teeth isn’t just an issue for teens with braces. Your teeth are constantly at risk of moving, and for a lot of people, there are tiny movements each day. As you chew, unconsciously press against your teeth with your tongue (a nervous habit for many), and clench or grind your teeth, you can move each tooth a small bit over and over again until your bite goes out of alignment.

The solution for this is to move your teeth back into place. This is typically possible with either braces or a retainer. Braces or alternatives to braces, like tray-style braces, work for most cases, while very mild cases may react well to the use of a removable retainer.

You’re Stressed & Taking It Out On Your Jaw

Speaking of clenching your teeth, if you’re very stressed, you may be taking that stress out on your teeth daily by clenching your jaw. The pressure can make your jaw muscles sore and make it feel like you’re not biting down correctly. For the most part, this is a temporary issue that should correct itself as your jaw relaxes. However, if you’ve managed to push on the teeth enough to move them, then you have to consider orthodontic treatment.

Something is Wrong With a Tooth

It’s possible that something has gone wrong with a tooth. For example, maybe one has started to decay, making it seem like your bite is off. Or maybe you have a tooth that is missing its “companion” on the other jaw.

The team at Unique Orthodontics can help you achieve your dream smile. Contact us today at one of our offices in Clovis, Fresno, Madera, or Tulare to set up an orthodontic consultation.

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